Girls' Summer Pleated Skirt-Shorts
Girls' Summer Pleated Skirt-Shorts
Girls' Summer Pleated Skirt-Shorts
Girls' Summer Pleated Skirt-Shorts
Girls' Summer Pleated Skirt-Shorts
Girls' Summer Pleated Skirt-Shorts

天丝褶皱裙裤 Girls' Summer Pleated Skirt-Shorts

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Product Description:
These Girls' Summer Pleated Skirt-Shorts blend the playful charm of a skirt with the comfort and practicality of shorts. Crafted from soft Tencel denim fabric, they provide a breezy and lightweight feel, perfect for warm weather. The wide-leg, pleated design offers a chic and skirt-like appearance while ensuring ease of movement. The comfortable elastic waistband allows for a snug yet flexible fit, making these shorts ideal for active play and stylish outings.

Key Features:

  • Material:  72% Polyester, 23% Viscose, 5% Spandex
  • Design: Wide-Leg & Pleated Design
  • Detail: Comfortable Elastic Waistband, No Fluorescent Agents
  • Occasions: Casual, Playdates, Summer Outings

Size & Fit:

  • Suitable For: Girls aged 4-16 years old (refer to size chart for measurements)


  • Size 110: Length 30.5 cm, Waist*2 23.0 cm, Hip*2 48.5 cm
  • Size 120: Length 32.5 cm, Waist*2 24.5 cm, Hip*2 50.5 cm
  • Size 130: Length 34.5 cm, Waist*2 26.0 cm, Hip*252.5 cm
  • Size 140: Length 38.0 cm, Waist*2 27.5 cm, Hip*2 54.5 cm
  • Size 150: Length 41.0 cm, Waist*2 29.0 cm, Hip*2 56.5 cm
  • Size 160: Length 42.5 cm, Waist*230.5 cm, Hip*2 58.5 cm
  • Size 170: Length 46.0 cm, Waist*2 32.0 cm, Hip*2 60.5 cm

Height Recommendation:

  • Size 110: Height 100-110 cm
  • Size 120: Height 110-120 cm
  • Size 130: Height 120-130 cm
  • Size 140: Height 130-140 cm 
  • Size 150: Height 140-150 cm
  • Size 160: Height 150-160 cm
  • Size 170: Height 160-170 cm 

These charts are for reference only. Fit may vary. Light variation of measurements within 1-2 cm due to mass manufacturing does not constitute an item defect.


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